Product reviewsHow many of us rely on reviews to make purchases? Sure, we look at the price, we also look at what others have to stay. Good, bad, and indifferent reviews on products and services can make or break buying habits.

Reviewing products is something I’ve spent several years working on. Whether it’s my Amazon reviews or the tech products I get to test out for TechNorms, I enjoy thinking about products and services from a different point of view.

Product Reviews

Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. Product reviews that help consumers aren’t easy to write or do, especially when a product is actually good. When a product is nearly perfect, it’s easy to question yourself and why you aren’t finding something wrong with it.

When I approach a product review, I try and look for things that may not make the product perfect for a consumer. Those little defects or issues tell me how good the product actually is and that I’ve hit the nail on the head.

Customer service is another factor I judge if I do run into issues. The way you respond to a customer, even someone reviewing a product, shows consumers you care when things go wrong, not just when you take their money.

If you’re looking for a product or service reviewer, you can count on me to do the following:

  • A three-week immersive trial period where I test the product or service in my everyday life. I’ve found three weeks is the perfect time frame to get an idea of the product from every angle and scope of use.
  • Tell your story and why this matters when looking at the product or service.
  • Write a comprehensive look at not only the product but how it was developed and where it’s going, along with the pros and cons of why a consumer should invest in it.

I am able to do product and service reviews in the following areas:

  • Camping accessories
  • Laptops and netbooks
  • Mobile accessories and apps
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • PC accessories and software

If you’re interested in contacting me about your product and a potential review, contact me.