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Who isn’t looking for comparable wireless earbuds like AirPods? With knock-offs on eBay, Amazon, and elsewhere, consumers are looking for something that works and doesn’t break the bank. While I’m a big fan of my Samsung Galaxy Buds and less of a fan of Apple’s AirPods, Tribit Audio offers a clear budget competitor compared to the two. I’ve been working with Tribit Audio for a few years, reviewing products here or there, and offering feedback as a superfan. Let’s learn more about Tribit Audio and read on to get my thoughts on the FlyBuds 1.

Who is Tribit Audio?

Tribit Audio came to market in 2017, wanting to bring better affordable sound to consumers. With its lead audio engineer coming from one of the biggest companies in the space, Tribit is committed to finding ways to deliver great, booming sound in its products. Tribit focuses on three core values when creating products:

  • Extraordinary quality
  • Express design
  • Experience you can own

These tenets live through the sound quality and look and feel of everything they release, including the FlyBuds 1. Learn more about Tribit Audio here. Here are my thoughts on Tribit Audio’s FlyBuds 1 Wireless Earbuds.

What Are the Tribit Audio FlyBuds 1 Wireless Earbuds?

The Tribit Audio FlyBuds 1 are a pair of wireless earbuds. They come with the earbuds themselves and a self-charging case. These earbuds are easy to bring with you and wear on the go. Averaging about $39.99 USD online, they offer the following for users:

  • Up to 30 hours of playtime. You need music, podcasts, and more. You’ll have the charge to get that no matter what you’re listening to.
  • IPX8 waterproofing. You work hard. You play harder – no worries about sweat or rain wearing these.
  • Symmeterical design. Ergonomic design and balances mean they’re comfortable and secure in your ears – no matter what you’re doing.
  • Balanced sound signature. Small but mighty. With low-distortion 8.2mm drivers, the sound feels like it’s coming from a booming speaker the size of your ear.
  • Wireless and USB-C charging. More charging options for those on the go and using the latest technology.

Learn more about the Tribit Audio FlyBuds 1 here.

Tribit Audio Flybuds 1 Wireless Earbuds Review

Tribit Audio Flybuds 1 packaging more interiorRight out of the box, the Flybuds are comparable size-wise to my Galaxy Buds. They’re a bit smaller but fit as snugly in my ear. I switched out the earpieces to find the right fit, which was quick to do. It did take me some getting used to, as I’ve been using my Galaxy Buds daily and am used to that exact fit in my ear.

Pairing the Flybuds to my Android phone was easy, like most Bluetooth devices. They popped up instantly and connected seamlessly. Opening Spotify, I rotated through a handful of my favorite songs ranging from rock to pop to soundtrack-inspired bops. Each song sounded clear and even at different volume levels.

I wore them to and from work on the bus for a few days to test moving around with them, listening in louder environments, and as part of my normal daily routine. They wiggled a little bit here or there, but a quick change and they were back in place.

The sound is good, solid, and consistent across experiences with Spotify, Audible, and YouTube. Whether watching a video, listening to a podcast, or jamming to Florence + the Machine, the sound quality Background noise was apparent compared to my Galaxy Buds, but that’s to be expected with budget earbud products.

Flybuds 1 case and accessoriesI’d recommend switching out the earpieces to find a tight fit. The tighter the fit, the less ambient noise will seep into your ear and interfere with whatever you’re listening to. This is a big tip for any budget earbuds.

I’d also recommend playing with your sound settings for different apps on your device to get the best sound quality possible. Adjust these settings for each app as you move from one thing to the next. The controls for the Flybuds work seamlessly with pausing and starting up again.

Tribit Flybuds 1 close-upThese earbuds are symmetrical, which means you can wear whatever you want in either ear, and they work the same way and fit the same. Using the buttons is also easier than other earbuds out there – very light pressure makes them work.

Tribit Flybuds 1 charging caseThe case allows for your to charge via USB-C and with a wireless charging pad, whatever is easier or what you use during the day. The charge lasts long, surprisingly longer than my Galaxy Buds, which made these an even better go-to on long days away from a charger.

Are the Flybuds 1 Worth the Buy?

The Flybuds are definitely a good buy if you’re looking to experience what AirPods or other earbuds are like without breaking the bank. These offer good sound, a tight fit, and will let you listen to music or podcasts or more with ease. If you’re considering getting AirPod knock-offs or something similar – don’t. Get a pair of Tribit FlyBuds and save yourself the trouble of dealing with a crappy sound experience. Tribit is everything you’re looking for in earbuds at a price you can afford today.

Product Review Disclaimer

I was provided the Flybuds 1 to review by Tribit Audio. I always strive to give my honest opinion on all products reviewed, whether received by a company or because I reviewed it myself. The views and opinion’s expressed are my own and have not been swayed by being given the product to review.