Hi. My name’s Melissa. Just a warning before you start reading this bio: I’m terribad at talking about myself. Yes, terribad.

I’m a blogger, tech enthusiast, and obsessive-compMelissa Popp, headshotulsive, making a living as a content strategist and digital engagement expert.

Born and bred in San Diego, California, I’ve lived on both coasts and currently call Denver, Colorado home. I travel when I can, check out LoDo when I’m desperate, and do my best to make it to the mountains whenever possible.

What I Do for a Living

I’ve been blogging for over a decade. I started with mediocre SEO copywriting jobs, learning the ins and outs of search optimization, and have thankfully moved on to bigger and better. It’s now a different ball game.

I’ve written about CBD, custom-built mailboxes, for The Emmys, technology, travel, and just about anything you can imagine. I’ve done keyword-rich content, direct marketing campaigns, a script for a biohazard response game, a few grants, and blogging. Lots and lots of blogging. Did I mention SEO content? Lots and lots of that, too.

I’m currently a Digital Strategist for RicketyRoo, a local SEO agency based out of Bend, Oregon.

I also have a handful of private clients I work with, focusing on tasks ranging from content strategy to writing to social media.

I’m a creative writer and have been since I could pick up a pencil. I write poetry and short stories regularly, and I’m currently editing my first novel.

I am always looking to connect with people who share my passion for writing on the web, along with those looking for ways to showcase how content, SEO, and social media work together for phenomenal results. Search experience optimization is evolving, and if we’re not changing with it, why are we still writing online?