Denver content strategyWhether you’re getting started on the web or you’re looking for a way to stand out, content strategy should be where you start. While this has become an industry buzzword, it’s also an important part of any website or blog plan. Content strategy can help you integrate your brand marketing in ways you never thought possible.

Let’s look at what content strategy is, how it can help you succeed online, and why you need to invest in a content strategist.

Denver Content Strategy

If you’re looking for a way to make a mark online, starting with quality content is the way to go. But you’re probably asking yourself one question right now: What the heck is a content strategist?

A content strategist is someone, like myself, who comes into your business or project and lays out a strategy for leveraging content on your website, social media, and marketing campaigns. They work with you to develop a brand message that intersects ever piece of content you release, however, trivial it may seem.

A content strategist can serve as a consultant or they can help craft content, too. I like to do a bit of both, especially for smaller companies who are just getting started.

Startups are the perfect example of where content strategy can be a big benefit in the beginning to build up momentum online. Every little bit helps at first and having a content strategist come in and offer up some advice never hurts.

As a content strategist by trade, my biggest focus when meeting with clients is to tell their story. Every piece of content matters and can be used in a way to make them be seen, and more importantly, remembered online. The sooner we can get started with content, the quicker we can reach an audience on social media, on email lists, and through search engines, like Google.

If you’re looking for a content strategist with a proven track record who understands how important branding coincides with content, look no further. Contact me and let’s discuss how content strategy can work for your brand on the web and beyond.