In my role as a seasoned Content Strategy Director, I don’t just create content, I create stories that resonate. I work hand-in-hand with clients, especially those in small and medium-sized businesses, to bring their unique narratives to life. My approach is not just about crafting compelling content, it’s about creating authoritative pieces that stand out in local search rankings. I believe in the power of a good story, and I use this belief to transform narratives into content that not only enhances user experience but also propels conversion goals. I don’t just write content, I write success stories.


Content Strategy Director, RicketyRoo

September 2020 – Present

  • Developing and implementing comprehensive content strategies to drive client growth, focusing on local SEO and content marketing strategies.
  • Leading and mentoring the content strategy team, ensuring high-quality deliverables and adherence to deadlines.
  • Building strong client relationships, providing subject matter expertise and establishing essential vendor relationships.
  • Conducting in-depth analysis of target audiences, industry trends, and competitor activities to inform content development.
  • Collaborating closely with the content and SEO teams to create and optimize high-quality content, including landing pages, service pages, blog posts, etc.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of content marketing trends and technologies, applying this knowledge to meet client needs.
  • Overseeing client content marketing budgets, ensuring effective resource allocation for optimal results.
  • Regularly reporting on content marketing campaign performance, providing insights and opportunities for improvement.
  • Developing and maintaining a knowledge base to educate the RicketyRoo team and clients on content marketing best practices.

SEO Specialist, NuLeaf Naturals

August 2019 – September 2020

  • I led the revitalization of content strategy, implementing SEO best practices and innovative tactics. This approach led to a substantial increase in the visibility of the website, with over 3000+ new keywords being ranked in a short span of three months. This growth improved the brand’s online presence and drove a significant increase in organic traffic.
  • I pioneered an effective outreach strategy, resulting in the brand being featured on over 100+ reputable web properties. This not only enhanced the brand’s credibility and visibility but also boosted the backlink profile, further strengthening our SEO efforts.
  • I maintained a keen focus on SEO best practices for the website, ensuring technical SEO aspects, including site structure, meta tags, and responsiveness, were optimized. As a result of these efforts, we secured high-ranking positions on the first page of Google search results for numerous conversion-generating keywords. This increased our visibility to potential customers and significantly boosted conversion rates.
My time at NuLeaf Naturals was marked by a consistent focus on driving growth through strategic SEO initiatives. I am proud of the tangible improvements we achieved in the brand’s online presence and the subsequent increase in conversions.

Director of Digital Engagement, Altitude Agency (acquired by Nuclear Networking)

November 2015 – August 2019

  • I effectively led a diverse team, focusing on content strategy and link development for a wide range of clients. Our clients’ budgets varied significantly, ranging from $500 to $10,000 per month, and our approach was tailored to deliver maximum value and results for each dollar spent.
  • I spearheaded a significant disavow project for, an Amazon-owned company. The project involved identifying and disavowing harmful backlinks that were negatively affecting the site’s SEO performance. As a result of this initiative, we were able to achieve a substantial ranking increase of over 13+ points per keyword.
  • I orchestrated a comprehensive content strategy and optimization plan for a national CBD company, resulting in an acceleration of their website traffic growth by 20%. This uplift in traffic resulted in improved brand visibility, increased customer engagement, and enhanced conversion rates.

In this role, I continually leveraged my expertise in digital marketing to drive client success. My leadership and strategic approach led to significant achievements in SEO performance and web traffic growth, contributing to the overall success of our clients and the agency.

Contributing Writer, TripSavvy

February 2014 – April 2020

  • I pioneered the RV travel section for TripSavvy, formerly known as Travel, thereby expanding the website’s content offering and reaching out to the niche audience of RV travelers.
  • I consistently attracted a high volume of traffic to the site, with an average of over 10,000 unique pageviews per month during the travel season, a trend I maintained year over year since 2014.
  • I produced a wealth of content focused on RVing, road tripping, and Colorado. This strategy led to more than 50,000 keywords being ranked, significantly enhancing the site’s SEO performance.
  • I achieved a significant milestone of 1.1 million pageviews, demonstrating the high quality and relevance of the content I produced, as well as strong reader interest and engagement.
During my tenure as a Contributing Writer at TripSavvy, I played a pivotal role in expanding the site’s content offering, driving consistent traffic, and enhancing the site’s SEO performance. My content production efforts resulted in a significant increase in pageviews, demonstrating the value and impact of my contributions.

Content Strategist, Trailerbroker

July 2013 – November 2015

  • I devised a robust content marketing strategy for both the primary and partner sites of Trailerbroker. This strategy was centered on enhancing SEO performance and visibility in the competitive RVing niche. As a result, we secured first-page keyword placements, significantly improving our online visibility and driving more organic traffic to our sites.
  • I led the development of an extensive blog series, writing and overseeing the creation of more than 100 blogs on various RVing topics. These blogs provided valuable insights to our readers, strengthening our brand image as a trusted source of RVing information.
  • I cultivated fruitful relationships with more than 50+ prominent web properties, including industry giants like Volkswagen and Airstream. These relationships resulted in valuable online coverage for Trailerbroker, increasing our reach and enhancing our reputation within the RVing community.
My role at Trailerbroker was a valuable opportunity to apply and develop my content strategy skills in a niche market. The success we achieved in improving online visibility and strengthening industry relationships was a testament to the power of targeted content marketing strategies.

Senior Writer, TechNorms

June 2011 – June 2019

  • I launched the Windows category on the TechNorms website, driving comprehensive coverage of Windows-related news, features, and analysis. This initiative proved highly successful, culminating in over 25 million pageviews and significantly enhancing our brand’s authority in the tech domain.
  • Leveraging the power of social media, I actively publicized products, keynotes, events, and more at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As an official member of the press, I engaged our audience with live updates and exclusive insights, boosting our reach and engagement on the TechNorms social media channels.
  • I conducted and published in-depth reviews of products from major consumer electronics brands, including Huawei, OtterBox, Petzi, Mophie, and IObit. These reviews provided our audience with valuable insights into product functionality, usability, and value for money, further strengthening TechNorms’ reputation as a trusted source of tech product reviews.
My tenure at TechNorms honed my skills in tech journalism, content creation, and social media engagement. I am proud of the impact I had on the brand’s growth and reputation, contributing to its success in the fast-paced world of tech journalism.

Founder, Popp-Up Writing

January 2007 – Present

  • Strategizing, creating, and refining more than 1000 pieces of content across dozens of industries, leveraging each brand’s unique voice to engage their target audience and drive action.
  • Developing content for a wide range of high-profile brands, including The Emmys, HP, Samsung, and Microsoft. This work involved understanding each brand’s specific audience, goals, and style to create content that resonates and drives results.
  • Gaining recognition in prominent media properties such as CBS Denver, Synup, UpCity, RankWatch, RV Open Road, Lifehacker, and others. This exposure has not only increased visibility for Popp-Up Writing but also showcased the quality and versatility of the content produced.
  • Orchestrating comprehensive content strategies that have collectively increased clients’ revenue by $4 million. This involved developing a deep understanding of each client’s business objectives, curating high-quality content, and continuously refining the content strategy based on performance metrics and industry trends.
As a seasoned content strategist, I am dedicated to understanding the unique needs and objectives of each client, and I take pride in delivering high-quality, impactful content that drives significant results. My journey with Popp-Up Writing is a testament to my passion for storytelling and my commitment to helping brands connect with their audience in meaningful ways.






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